From the recording To Create


Tonight I sing for the drunks
at a drop dead lose your head dive of a bar
They pay me 14 dollars in glasses of beer
but I feel like a star
When they know all the words to haggard and cash
and when I play hank williams
they slap me on the back

Say when I was your age
I was on a hockey team
we’d drink in the dressing room
then go downtown
watch the girls dance for half a dollar
beer was 5 cents so we’d stay for hours
I Still drink, but it doesn’t feel great
and I can’t skate like I used to

I finish my glass and go on back to the microphone
I pick up my guitar and play ring of fire
so they don’t feel alone.
If they stayed at home
this pub would be empty
and I’d be out of work

Tomorrow I play for the yuppies uptown
when I play Seeger they all frown
Guess there’s no room for freedom songs in this priveleged part of town
But I don’t know top 40, unless you’re over 50.
thank god everyone loves Lennon and Mccartney

Cause tonight I sing for the drunks
at the rich end, non-sense, ritz of a bar
they paid me 200 dollars in glass of wine
and I’ve only had one so far
they won’t sing along
so I pretend to play some jazz
and they all nod and look relaxed