1. Day after day

From the recording High Hopes


This is how your trap yourself in their game
Go to university acquire debts without the shame
Day after day

You’ll pay it all back in no time
At least that's what they tell you in the student loans line
Day after day

When you finally graduate
You’ll find out that your parents and your teachers didn’t know
Or they lied.

Now you have to burn the candle at both ends
Work a shitty job and go out drinking with your friends
Day after day

Believing someday the tables they will turn
Will you be climbing their ladders or watching their banks burn
Day after day

Your dreams will come true than pass you by
You’ll wake up on morning wondering

If you finish their race, you’ll be ignored and out of luck
Protesting for old age pensions til your dying breath
Day after day

Is this really how we let the world end
Eat or be eaten, stranger, foe or friend.
Day after day