From the recording High Hopes


Great art is born here and so it dies
The artist can’t afford rent let alone dreams
In the city they sparked into life

I’ve been cutting my teeth, playing these gigs
Biting my nails, dodging these debts
I want to be a giver but there’s not much left

So I dig, dig, dig a little deeper in my soul
Til I find my mind, might lose control
Leave my body, pay lifes toll, let go

On innocent bystanders at the coffee shop
They just want a bagel, I want the insanity to stop
They won’t lose sleep tonight if I let this bomb drop
Gentle, gentle, gentle oh don’t offend the ears
Entertain an audience hope they follow you for years
I don’t want to bore you or awaken your fears


The meaning of life is my little secret
Some will always wonder, some will try to forget
Goes mmmhmmm, I mean lalala
I mean hahahaha my lips are sealed

You try to leave your sorrows all behind you.
When mania hits brother, that's something to cling to.
Become the lover, so high on life