1. High hopes

From the recording High Hopes


Is this the moment?
We have been waiting for?
I thought i'd be so sure
Feel it in my fingers and my toes.
Is this the cure dear
For fear I've been holding too close
I thought i'd be so sure
Don't know which way to go
you tell me I'm selfish
my head in the clouds
Nothing but high hopes
High friends.
Room to grow
Love myself a little more.
Love myself a little more.
Love yourself a little more

Where is the line here
I'm sure that I crossed it twice.
Like many before me
What you have drawn has been exhausted.
Like maps of our bodies
Sewn in denim and cross stitched
worn through and patched up.
Never forgotten
You whisper i'm broken.
I'm shaking my head my whole

Nothings forever
I'm glad we're here right now
slipping away through
the cracks in mirror of myself
yesterdays far gone
She's waving us off right now.
tears in her eyes
Fingers like a gun in her mouth
crying forget me
rip all my pages right out.