1. Finding Truth

From the recording You can't just assume


I think I need a little time
To collect my thoughts
Been running hard
Against the wind
To leave behind where I am not

Finding truth, finding truth

All these songs, all my life
Nothing else that I could do
Turn the process
Into a product
The industry won’t dance with you

Finding truth, finding truth

Maybe you ought
Take that sign down
That says your for sale
Til you ready
To pack it up
And be sure that you won’t fail

I’m feeling tired
Of writing songs
That I can sing into a paper cup
You take the wire
And hold it up
To you ears and let it be enough

Finding truth, finding truth


Eb Fm Bb Eb X 2

Fm Eb Abminor Bb

Fm Bb Eb Gm Cm X 2