1. Firecracker

From the recording You can't just assume


Met a firecracker, real sassafrass
Said come around the corner
baby try my grass
Said no I won’t go
Gotta get back home.
Hot lover in my bed, hot supper on
the stove.

But I hope, hope you know
I can sense your heart of stone.
Don’t don’t you dare
Freeze me to the bone
With that stare.

She coaxed me in with cocaine and apple pie
Said Damiao you can’t get straight if you don’t get high.
There’s a coward in my head with no sex appeal.
Won’t show you any skin. Just tells ya how he feels.


Babe don’t be a loser
Just be my lover
I’ll treat you real good
Just don’t blow my cover.
Said no I got another.
She’s a real fine doll.
I wrap her up in cellophane
And waltz her down the hall


Verse: Dm A7 X 8
Chorus : Bb A7 X4