1. I was a lover

From the recording You can't just assume


I was a lover
So patient and kind
I was a lover
So faithful and blind
Desperate to live
Anxious to die
I felt alone
I felt the dark
I felt the world being torn apart
Like poetry ripped from the page into the fire

Unheard, Unheard, Soft spoken

I bought the truth
I bought the lie
I bought the mystery into my life
I held the sign like a warrior that time
I heard the footsteps
I heard the sirens
I heard the trump resound in key and in time
With no one left standing to hold the front line

Unheard, Unheard, Soft spoken

Resistance to silence, movement to stand still
Some fight to win but some fight to kill
Open palm or clenched fist
Not everyone can choose
What justice might look like
Or know how it feels to lose

So I drank myself empty
I drank myself dry
I drank myself til I almost went blind
Show me the proof there’s a reason to try
I’ve held the bible, I’ve held my tongue
I’ve held a blade, regretting what I’ve done
No one stood near me
No father no son

Unheard, Unheard, Soft spoken

Wickeder souls, than mine have been saved
Younger men have gone to the grave
Love don’t surrender
Where hatred betrays
Blood on the welcome mat
Home of the brave

CHORDS // capo 3

Gm Am x 3
C Bb Am

Gm Am x3

Dm Gm
C F Am
Dm Gm
C Bb Am