1. Blue Skies

From the recording You can't just assume


Good morning blue skies
The rainbows un-tied
My heart strings unravel
With your eyes
Am I seeing double
No I’m having no trouble
Giving into this
Letting go with it
The sound of your voice
The warmth of your kiss
All my life
How could I but love you

Hula-hoop in the hall
Sundress on the floor
I think I’ll stay here a while
Make the home I’ve been longing for
I’m trying to open my eyes
And focus through
Tears I have been crying
Hiding from you
What kind of man
Doesn’t know where he stands
Til he’s fallen
How could I but love you

Bb Bb/Dm Eb F X 2 [x4]
Cm C F F7
Eb Dm Eb F Bb