1. Penny Lane

From the recording You can't just assume


Penny Lane

Penny lane
Don’t be shy
Take me home with you
Show me your rock collection
Lysergic acid
You’re not even 25
But you still get me high
Teach me how to fly

Don’t let me go
Go alone
Go this alone

As we come up
You let me feel
Your heart beating in your chest
Its racing but you say you’re fine
For some reasons
Were still alive
There is meaning in the pictures
And colours of your mind


Instrumental / Bridge

And all the streetlights stream into one
Psychedelic rainbow of love for everyone
Goddess spins a hula hoop around her waist
We’re back in outer space
Like when we made love


There’s a dark place
In all of us
That we must face
When our fears subside
But Penny lane you’re all joy and light
Singing through the night

Chorus X 2

Eb Bb Ab Eb X 2
Eb Bb Ab Eb

Eb Ab Eb Bb
Cm Gm Bb X 2